The Platinum Lyric Project

Can a song’s lyrics predict its success?

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The lyrics of your song will be compared to our dataset of 39k+ songs to determine its likelihood of achieving success.

Our metric of success was defined as the song having reached Billboard's Hot 100 Chart and remained there for at least one week.

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Our dataset contains lyrics from over 39k songs with words that have been stemmed, meaning the words that have different variants have been stripped of what sets them apart to be considered as a single word ('times', 'timely', 'timed' -> 'time').

Additionally, the scope of the project was limited to songs written in English, so songs in other languages were excluded from the dataset.

We know that lyrics alone are not likely to make or break a song, many other factors can collectively lead to its success (or failure!). Find beautifully designed charts with insights including factors like Acousticness, Instrumentalness, Tempo, Energy, Loudness, and others through the years and for different music genres on the Tableau Dashboard.

Word Frequency in Successful Songs

Most of the top words in successful song lyrics are also the most recurring in unsuccessful songs. However, the majority of these words appear more often in successful lyrics in proportion to other words.

The word 'love', for example, appears twice as frequently in successful songs compared to unsuccessful ones.

Unique Words

Out of the top 100 most used words, these are the unique ones: the successful words seen here are unique to the top 100 words in successful songs and do not appear among the top 100 unsuccessful ones, and vice versa.

Notice how the general tone of the high-frequency words unique to successful songs is one of more positivity compared to the unsuccessful ones.

Words like 'friend' and 'dance' have a more positive connotation than 'die' and 'lie', and this appears to contribute to the success of the song.

Word Cloud Comparison

Use the dropdown to select music genres for a side by side comparison of the most common words in successful and unsuccessful songs.





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